Inspiration - What I'm Listening To Right Now (is the same as always)

'So what music are you into?' Gah I hate this question its just so annoying and wipes my mind of anything I have ever heard seen or bought instantly. Er, folky pop singing country lo fi, Motown? Calypso… Yeah that. And no I have no idea what the name of that band is. EVER
Now partly I think the problem is my memory or lack there of. I'm sure I must know the names of a few... Its like my whole internal back catalog is wiped at the end of the day and i'm left with some random 'earworm' from a shop I walked passed at lunch! It has to be said that I am a little out of the loop on the music front. I used to go to lots of gigs and have musician friends and though I still have the friends the gig going has definitely dwindled in the past few years since running a small business. I have always been sucker for a female vocal and that is still true. Jolie Holland, Jenny Lewis, and a healthy dose of Beach House have remained some of my favourites and what spring to mind. A few years back I saw Robyn in Brighton at Concorde2 which was hands down one of the best live music events I have ever been to! She had to eat a banana on stage half way through her set for energy as she was dancing so hard, seriously brilliant! Like many I have fallen into the trap of switching my radio to 6Music and relaying on that for my musical fix which is perhaps a little lazy but to be fair its 100 better than any of the other mainstream stations! I am trying to get back into making online playlists but for some reason I can never seem to make or find the time… 

At Christmas we get our first record player and set about scouring the local thrift stores for £1 albums as a weekly challenge which was exciting and has got us a fair few choice picks like Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Fleetwood Mac Roumors which was my big splurge at £2.99! So when I'm not listening to dusty classics and rolling down the river with Tina, I would say its still all about the chicks for me. Anna Calvi, Agnes Obel, Anna Brun, Kate Le Bon, First Aid Kit, and Meryl Garbus aka Tune-yards who I was lucky enough to go see last week as part of my belated Birthday surprise and she was amazing!

If you have and tips or great playlists you'd like to share send them over! Or if you also have the memory of an unmusical fish i'd also be keen to hear.