Craft - DIY Crochet Cord Necklace

You will need: A very chunky hook! 9mm
T shirt yarn in 2 colours
Make a slip knot and chain 3
Keeping the loop on your hook pick up the next chain (ch) and crochet through to make another stitch (st) on the hook. Repeat this a 3rd time.
No slip the two left hand loops off the hook and pull the yarn through the right hand first loop.
Next pick up the loop to the left and pull the yarn through again.
Finish by repeating with the last/left hand loop.
Now repeat this sequence again and again! Remember to take the 2 left hand st/loops off your hook to begin as this pulls the yarn into the cord drawing the sides together into a lovely little neat tube.

This is what the piece looks like from the back before its a tubular piece.

Finish by knotting a contrasting piece of yarn at the back fro an extra pop of colour and to add an extra design detail.

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