DIY - Make A Mini Loom

Pinterest has been swamped with all things weaving for some time now but I wanted to show you how to make your own loom on a budget with random bits and bobs from around the home. I have used a small MDF chalk board than Daniel made for our kitchen but that doesn't really get used. You could use any wood off-cut, picture frame that has no glass or even a thick bit of mount board! You will also need nails that have round ish heads and a hammer. The string you use to thread up your loom will vary depending on what look you want to achieve or whats in your craft stash.

wood/picture frame (no glass)
T shirt yarn

Though it might not look like much, this tin and the nails in it is one of my most treasured possessions. It belonged to my Grandad who was an amazingly talented carpenter and gardener and I like to think the person I got my love off all things DIY and green fingered from. He smoked a pipe and kept his Erinmore tobacco moist with curls of orange peel. I don't think these nails will never run out.

I hammered my nails in roughly 1cm apart top and bottom

Tie your thread on and wind up and down keeping taught tying off securely.

Weave... (This is the bottom/upside down)

Have a play, practice making shapes and wrapping to make knots keeping your tension even.

We have a bunch of white washed sticks left over from a project Daniel and I worked on for a show last year, but you could make your own easily or use doweling or bean stick. Enjoy x