Craft - Macrame Rope Wallhanging DIY

I have been excited about this project for ages and dreaming of owning my very own 70's esque wall hanging for longer! For this project I have used 4 x 10m bundles of cotton rope that I found at the sunday boot fair and 1m piece of square doweling also some thin thread to hang it up with. You could use any thick non stretch cord or that specifically for macrame projects as listed below which comes in an amazing array of colours!

To start cut 10 x 4m lengths and seal the ends with celeotape to stop them fraying.

Then I attached them to the top of the rod using a Lark's head knot.

With 2 knotted lengths together the next stage is to work a combination of Right Hand and Left Hand Square knots...
Starting with a Left Hand Square knot...

Then working the same method in reverse on the right hand side for the second half!

Now on the row beneath you need to stagger your knots using half of each of the central bits of the knots above.

Once you get your first row in place I would recommend hanging the rod on the back of a door or coat hooks so you can stand and knot without your macrame getting muddled.

Can you see here that I have accidental started with Lark's head knots and half way through gone into reverse lark's head? Oops! Im happy to leave it this way but you might want to be more strict with your technique.. I blame the little black cat who was fighting with the rope ends and causing a commotion. Happy knotting.