So here I am at last. Having overcome some of the many trials and tribulations i face on a day to day basis regarding my fight against all things high tec, (although i try, Technology somehow always beats me!) i finally sussed out this thing we call blogging. I cannot promise literary prose, far from it,but i will endevour to chatter on a regular basis about the freestyle mix that makes up my day to day exhistance, adventures and all. There promise to be many.In fact i often loose count and have no idea whether i am coming or going. Bare with me though. I will bring to you lists, thoughts, pictures of my latest creations, recipes and a general insight into the world of Miss Amy Phipps. So lets get this show on the road i guess...

This week has been jam packed. The start of the week saw a drawing day at Middle farm with Meg. Damn those pesky chickens! They dodged and dove every time i stood poised pen in hand. So we ended up in the Cider barn...after that the giganticus donkey in the field, and his horse companion were a piece of pie to capture in my sketchbook. Albeit in a slightly more stripped down drawing style!
Midweek saw dress making for Natasha Bailie Vintage, an impromptu evening cycle ride with the remaining cider from middle farm in tow, garden tending- my courgettes are getting bloody massive! and resemble cartoon like images of plants from jungle book.(i will leave you to filter out the exaggerations throughout my posts!).And last but by no means least celebrating The Nan's amazing degree results. I am so very proud.
Victoria has been staying at the Cottage, and i came home one afternoon to find she had unleashed her OCD bleaching skills on the bathroom.Hurrah! Only hours before it had looked like a still out of The Land Before Time. Bravo.Go Teeps!
Last night i went to the Battersy Arts Centre in Clapham to watch my dearest friend, Noor Lawson perform in a wonderful production tracing the life of Isabelle Eberhardt- 15 costume changes and an all female cast told the story of this extraordinary adventurer and her life as a Sufi cross dressing exile living in the 1800's. A fantastic performance was given by all involved, and the costume was lovely. This short trip up to the Big Smoke gave me the rare opportunity to hook up with another long time partner in crime, Alice Levine, of bebo fame. Sadly, the reunion was brief, and by the stroke of 11pm i was safely back home in B'town with a gaggle of my finest companions celebrating Sophia's birthday! good times. Crispin added fools gold to the mix. As always, he takes it to the next level, one that only a ranger could I'm sure.
Well, there's my start, and farewell for now. I must go and pack for my trip to Devon at the crack of dawn, and to a kick ass wedding on Burgh Island. Home to Agatha Christie's Poiret, and for this weekend, me...!