...why, i've been to london to visit Noorine!

Last weekend i took myself up to london to visit my dearest Noorine. She is moving away next weekend so i am trying to cram in as much Q.T as is humanly possible, whilst watching her various theatre productions...she is an Actor don't you know...and helping her condense and pack her life up for the imminent move to Berlin! This week was her final performance here in the U.K for a while.

Friday night. The play, Two-Headed by Julie Jensen was a two woman show, an awesome production and emotional rollercoatser! The core of the play is centred around a historical event called the Mountain Meadow Massacre which took place in Utah 1857. Noor and Liz play fantastic leads, and as we watch the story unfold the focus shifts onto the struggling relationship between these two Mormon women who's lives are overshadowed by the strange and dark events of their childhood. We watch them grow, and with very few props and very subtle costume change we follow the very rocky journey through their lives. It was very engaging and a little unnerving. On several occasions during the performance i barely recognised Noor, my oldest friend, as she morphed from annoying child to dry witted elderly lady. Bravo.

Oh dear...still lots to pack.