Alls fair...

Sunday 27th sept, 8.45 am, last nights vino tinto lingering, ridder and i propel ourselves from the cottage, London bound. why? for crafts sake of course! 15 minute Factory to be precise. Luckily the sun is shining, and i have enough porridge in me to warm my toes. We make it in good time to the Rag Factory off Brick lane, having navigated tubes and vagabond street sellers alike. All set up and ready to rumble, slightly disturbed by the size of the rip in Silas's (the event coordinator) trau', it isn't long before i am greeted by the sight of one Alice Levine (of Bebo fame)! oh joy, it has been far too long since i have seen this pretty face or heard her sarcastic quips nor been party to her random stylings. and then she is gone.

There are far too many flapjacks at this venue for my taste.

Amongst a flurry punters up pops up my next visitor... Hannah Rhianon Smith! With a bag as big as ever, and cheeky grin to match, we sit with a vast amount of tea, and set about putting the world to rights. well, gossipping. what seems like hours pass and then she, like levine before her is sucked back out and into the hustle and bustle of Brick lane.alas!

Here we are, manic as ever. Good times are always had with young miss Smith. Bravo.

8pm. All packed up and starting to feel weary, it seems only right that we install ourselves ( Ridder, Beth and I) into a near by indian restuarant. Only to be joined shortly by the one and only Chuck Chaz, and new member of team Frauline Fee Reeger! can this day get any better?...No. so several hours later we head home to Brighton. Full of Thali and jokes.

hmmm. Siamese?

sehr gut