Cake it til its real.

Those who know me, know i love a cake.

mixing a cake, baking a cake and, unless strictly supervised...eating the entire cake!

Mostly i love baking Birthday cakes for my dearly beloved's.  And i always like to do it in style! Remember Dillon's chocolate beetroot dream? and Zoe's gingerbread House? The tea bread for our N.B launch party (inspired by G's bara brith) or the mid may Birthday Blancmange?

Lets face it, I'm addicted! If i can share em' once i've  baked em', well then i feel i've used my powers for the greater good. Right? +100 bonus points i think.

For my 21st birthday i was lucky enough to take tea at The Ritz. Yep. It was indeed a most splendid occasion. And i'm almost certain the gent playing the piano in the hall was busting out a classical Abba medly that only those high on sugar and Assam could bare! aagh what a dream.

This is by no means where my patisserie passion was ignited, oh no! Sure it helped me appreciate the finer Elevenses in life, but i have Nan and a battered 50 year old copy of Mrs Beeton to thank!

The best sponge tip i ever learnt...which has helped me through all my freestyle baking hysteria has to be this...

*If in doubt, weigh your eggs first, and match the rest of your ingredients to that weight* (sugar, butter, flour)

Simple. But has never failed me in the Lemon Drizzle dazzle.

*And don't be afraid of throwing those bad boys in the freezer! Thats right, (once cooked) a defrosted cake in most cases is far superior to a freshly baked one.* I kid you not! Go on. I dare you!

Hmmm, Zoe's birthday next week... what'll it be this year!?

over and out.

If you're stuck take it from someone knows...

If not, the mock turtle is pretty good...

Or maybe this one?...

Always a fave!...