A Static Caravan Birthday

Ah, the Super Royal 37ft static caravan...the stuff my childhood summer holidays were made of! Cromer beach and Pier, the Shire Horse Centre and Norfolk broads trips. And not forgetting the Seal watching trips...so many times i thought i'd be flung overboard! Several times i lost my pretty straw hat. Whats that? Yes it appears i will be reliving this slightly naff, seal fear filled, but totally joyful experience for my 25th birthday this coming may!! You see, not long ago The Phipps Family inherited this 20 year old dream machine from a close family friend. Since then its been a hub of family/friends freestyleness on the Norfolk coastline! if you can't find Debs* in Notts...she'll probably be there, seafood galore! So now its my turn for adventure, crab and coast hopping. Watch this space!


*Debs = my mother dearest