Old Town...New Threads!

You may have read in an earlier post, that in just a few weeks from now my travels will be taking me away for 10 days of exciting exploration along the north Norfolk coast, for a late spring break!? Who needs a summer holiday!? Yes indeed! My late 70's family sized static caravan will be the base from which i hope to see the sites and sounds, and play in plenty of golden sand and tufty dunes. I am also very excited, as whilst i am there i intend to pay visit to one of the best traditional British clothes production companies on the east coast and probably the UK.

My heart melts every time i scan the slick yet trad' looking website for new corduroy treats in the shape of 1940's pinafores, breeches and house coats! Each piece is lovingly handmade in a studio space that harks back to yesteryear. They offer a collection  that combines Scottish pure wool knitwear, traditional British cottons and cords in fancy prints, and the most elegant yet hard wearing styles.

Oh, don't you worry...I'll keep you posted. But until then you really should see for yourself!