ready to party!?

This Saturday there is a special event pencilled into my diary. Yes indeed! I will be celebrating the 10th Aniversary of Brighton's very own Rock'n'roll hotel....PELIROCCO!!!! the decadent and slightly antique King Alfred Ballroom in Hove. Yep, Sushi will be flying and local celeb's and muso's alike frolicking along to a mix of seriously cool & uncool tunes! This hotel incidentally does the best hotel breakfast in Brighton. Fact.

I cannot wait!...but what to wear?i am no rockabilly beauty, that is fo' sho' and generally believe that the badder the taste, the better the look! So far i have come up with these little beauts... pretty gross huh? My motto in life in general is increasingly, if you can stick some form of gold lame' on it, it's gonna be spiffing! TA DA! specialy rusched on my Princesse Pleater (miracle machine!) and attached with rather strong shoe adhesive. i will be teaming these bad boYs with my favourite gold collar. Too much? As for the until tomorrow to get the essentials well and truely covered!

I'll be back with snaps of the this space!