Some things i did this week....

After a triumphant trip to Saino's i bumped into my neighbour Sarah. Not only is she lovely indeed, she supplied me with apples and pears from her orchard to make a dish-lish-ous autumnal pie. Here began a week of seasonal joy...

The making has joy continued with new collars, and a place at the Brighton Farmers market which begins this coming weekend...come and say hi!

Finally the cold weather has arrived. And oh how happy this has made me!With my wooly socks firmly on I have trotted down to the beach for a blustery jaunt severak times this week.

Early morning treats at work looked pretty lined up in all their doughy glory...but tasted like sick! Krispy Kreme does not rock my world...I did however take tea at Tic Toc cafe which was a truely delightful afternoon interlude.

More walking between work and play. 

Here we are the pope'ettes!(Ha i doubt it) Not everyones idea of a pre saturday night warm up... but once again us gals lent our lungs to the musical marvellousness that is Pope Joan, if you don't know them yet i'll have the pleasure of introducing you...Brighton's finest! Vino tinto in hand, we ooo'd and aaah'd ourselves into a frenzy, before heading out to celebrate a birthday and the weekend ahead. 

I Hope you too had a marvellous week