Etsy - Reviving My Online Shop

About 4 years ago I set up an Etsy online shop to pursue a handmade sellers dream. I sold a few things from the selection of handmade collars and accessories I had been working on furiously post uni but didn't have the tech' or social media know how to maximise its selling power!

I have decided to revive my Etsy shop a little at a time and change up my branding, items for sale as well as the way I run it. Over the past year or so I have made friends with some the Brighton Etsy Team who are all over it in terms of pimping your shop, marketing and promo and have been a source of inspiration.

Its often a little hard to be joyful about items that were made some time back but as there are a few still stashed away I have decided to start by selling these first to make way for new slightly different style pieces. I will be playing around with photos and lighting etc as I build up my shop and brand.

So over the coming weeks I will be working hard to find time and inspiration to get my Etsy shop into good handmade health! Feel free to take a look at the beginnings of my shop and give me your feedback. You can find me here M.A.P Etsy