Bits & Bobs - Bootfair booty

Brighton has many an antique market and bric-a-brac shop, that's an understatement in fact its an institution in this town.  But recently since the weather has picked up and the season begun I have got into a habit taking the stomp up the rather long hill to Brighton Racecourse of a Sunday morning with my friend Jackie to rummage at the boot fair! Living on a tight shoe string sometimes has its perks... and finding a bargain trinket or even fresh produce there on a Sunday is definitely just that! I got a 1950's trivet for 50p, a jelly/cake mould for £1 and a rather lux frame that wouldn't look out of place on the set of a Wes Anderson film set 50p so all for £2! Bearing in mind that my budget was a frivolous £2.50 I think I won big time!

What and where is your best boot fair? do you have a recognisable style to your bargain hunting? I am a devil for zig zagging!To barter or not to barter.....?