DIY - Kitsch Sheep Pin Cusion

Have a go at making our oh so simple tutorial - DIY Kitsch Animal Pin Cushion. If this fella doesn't help cheer you up on a dull or rainy day then we're not sure what will! You will need a combo of the following... A plastic animal of your choice, selection of ribbons, pins, scissors, super glue, craft pom-pom and glitzy gems!
First you will need to wrap ribbon colour A around your figures tummy gluing in place on its back and folding under the cut edge of your ribbon to hide fraying threads.
Repeat this with colour B but stagger the overlap a little.
Now with colour C (or a patterned bit) repeat this process a 3rd time but covering the centre where A & B overlap.
Now glue on your pom poms! This will also hide the ribbon ends :)
More is definitely more with this kitsch creation so lastly glue on a selection of plastic gem stones and viola!