Bits and Bobs - Getting The Look

I have been working on getting the look since revamping this blog a couple of months back... What does this even mean you might ask!? I agree its a tricky one as so many people I have chatted with have such different ideas, image shapes, sizing, content, frequency of posts etc etc.

Heres a few things I have found and what I will be working on over the next few weeks to improve...

Blog when you are inspired but also write a list of future posts then too. I got so excited and wrote lots and spent ages making, baking and editing to then felt a bit burnt out. For me blogging is about sharing the joy and also using the blog to make me start that new project or just do more, better. So keep that list in view, tear it out of your notebook and stick it above the desk and look back at it when you need a little spark or to jog your memory.

Photos. I began with square snaps but was then told that they weren't as professional which at the time i didnt really think was a helpful point but since then have found although I really like the look of a square photo I often can't fit everything into the shot! So you may have noticed the shapes and sizes of my pics have been alternating whilst I have been experimenting... Ha sorry! I also need to invest in a better camera. Sometimes I use a lovely one one that belongs to a friend but that isnt always around so I resort to my iphone 4s.... Going forward I am going to try not to do this. Bad quality etc etc

Lighting... I live in a small basement flat which is often a little too dark for nice shots so I am going to play around with locations and moving furniture to catch more natural light.

Comments. I am making an effort to comment on at least 1 new blog a day but boy its hard to keep up with it all!

(Thanks to Gemma Correll for loving cats)

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