Sunday Bake - Rhubarb Tart Recipe (vegan)

This weekend's Sunday Bake is simple rhubarb tart recipe. I picked up the mini flan dish for 75p in a charity shop and then saw rhubarb at the grocers next door and boom!

For the pastry...

100g plain flour
50g vegan margerine
2 tbsp cold water


3 big stems of rhubarb
3 desert spoons muscovado sugar

Mix the flour and butter together with cold hands and add the water until you have a firm pastry. Wrap in cling film and refrigerate whilst the rhubarb stews...

Chop the rhubarb and place in a pan with sugar, simmer on a medium heat til compote consistency, maybe 15/20 mins stirring occasionally.

Roll pastry out 4mm thick or thicker if you prefer heavy pastry.
Prick with a sharp knife and blind bake for 5 mins on 180oC and then fill with the rhubarb mixture.
Bake on 175oC for 15/20 mins and watch the rhubarb go caramalised and golden! 
Try and wait a few minute for it to cool before you gobble one up... Serve with Swedish Glace if you have some its YUM!