Craft - DIY Teabags (mint & camomile)

If like me you drink a lot of herbal tea and get a bit bored of the what's available in the shop and how much it costs to keep a good stock of flavours in the cupboard then this project might be just up your street! Not only can you blend your favorite varieties but by using 2 tsp per bag you cam make a magical 2 cup bag this will keep you going for a while and can be topped up with hot water repeatedly, or used to make a whole pot if you'd prefer. What's not to like about that! Perfect for herbal tea addicts

You will need:
Caffetiere filter paper
Dried tea leaves, mint 'Infusion' and dried chamomile 'infusion'.*
Sewing machine
Machine thread
Thick cotton thread
Tape measure
A big tea cup or pot

* I bought my dried ingredients from a local store called Ecostream refill store where you buy by the weight.

So lets get started!
With the folded edge at the bottom measure a with of approx 6cm and then cut straight up to the top curved edge making a rectangle out of the filter.
Neaten the top by squaring off with scissors and thread your sewing machine.
Sew along both sides making sure your folded edge lies along the bottom. Try and leave 0.5cm allowance on either side! Tie off ends and snip them short as your go along to save yourself getting all tangled up.
Now you are ready to fill your bag! 2 tsp of your dried tea mix should be perfect, I used half and half chamomile and mint... my current favoutire!
To seal you need to fold the top down 1cm and crease firmly.
Next, fold corners in to meet the bottom of the first folded edge.
Cut a few lengths of the thicker thread approx 10cm, these will be your tea bag strings!
Now holding the corners flat and keeping the string evenly in the centre of your bag sew across the top folded top in one neat line. The trick here is to start on top of the folded corner furthest away from you pinning it down and continue all the way over to the nearest corner doing the same here.
I have used off cuts from the filter peper to make tabs for the string which is done by  repeating the previous step.