DIY - Fimo Bead Necklace

I am really excited to share this tutorial with you as its one of the most simple and effective makes I have tried of late! Its bright its summery and by all accounts Fimo bead necklaces are very on trend in the world of etsy and craftgawker right now! Never the less its really simple and should take no more than an hour of your time (including baking baking the Fimo) To have a lovely new accessory ready to wear out.

You will need:

6 differect colours and 'effects' of Fimo clay
A tool to make holes in your beads, I have used a fine crochet hook
Cotton cord in a neutral tone

NB, I have used two Fimo soft, 2 Fimo effects opaque and 1 Fimo effects metallic

Break off a piece of clay 1inch squared and begin to squish it in your hands, you'll find once you have worked it a little the material will become way more pliable and easy to modal.

TIP!  You will need warm hands to work the clay into smooth spheres

Roll around between your palms using friction to heat the clay and form little rough spheres. You may have to even any bumps or wonky bits by pressing gently onto them with your finger tips.

Taking the sharp end of your hook push through at a central point into the clay and out through the other side! The clay is quite crumble so you may find little fragments chip away, no fear! you can smooth the spheres after they are pierced.

Now again using your finger tips gently smooth away and lines, bumps or rough edges on your beads.

Heat your oven to just under 130oC/ 250oF and bake your beads for half an hour on a non stick tray.

Leave to cool and watch how the colours and textures of your 'effects' clays have changed and brightened up!

You are now ready to string your beads onto the cord! Knot at the end to secure and BAM! One super colourful on trend accessory to take you into high summer with joy.

Why not make a couple and save for birthday gifts? Alternately you can string your beads onto your favourite gold or silver chain to make this accessory even more special.

Want to win this necklace? To celebrate my Birthday this Saturday I am giving it away to one lucky reader! All you have to do is LIKE my Facebook page here and the winner will be drawn at random!

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