Inspiration - Darn Those Knits (pt1)

I have put this post in my 'Inspirations' section as its a subject I am passionate about. In fact the whole area of mending, reworking and up-cycling  garments is a topic that very current so I thought id share a few gems from my collection with you.

I came to darning initially whilst studying knitwear at university but sadly as there was sush a huge emphasis on making new garments it was something that was overlooked a little at that time. Then a few years later I had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with Tom Van Deijnen a self taught knitter and mender who introduced me to his VMP or visible mending program. It was very inspiring and really changed the way I thought about the clothes I owned and loved.

We all have garments that we wear to death but then do not have the heart to throw out... well don't! Tom of Holland would say 'wear your darn like a badge' and I can't think of a nicer sentiment. Have a look at the Mending board on Pinterest for inspiration and instruction. Start with a small darn and it just might change the whole way you think about fast fashion and your wardrobe. Darning and mending isn't just for knits, you can mend practically everything and there are a huge number of Repair Cafe's starting in the UK at which you can get advice from electricians, seamstresses and carpenters alike. I'd urge you to find your local meet up its hugely fun and very satisfying to!

If you are terrified of all things stitchery then take a look at these lovely intro to mending illustrations from The Guardian and have a go at rescuing that blouse you love before buying something new.