Inspiration - On Being Newly Vegan

I didn't ever think it would work for me but last October (2013) I decided to try becoming vegan. There were several reasons why the idea intrigued me, firstly my boyfriend Daniel has been a strict vegetarian for many years and is very passionate about animal rights which has begun to become very important to me also. We moved in together a year ago and I began eating less fish and white meat (never really ate red meat) and we would cook together every night so it just become the norm. I began reading articles about animal welfare and food production and became increasing aware of some awful things that go on behind the scenes as well as the cost to me the consumer to buy good quality, organic, 'happy' meat.... So actually thats a few things! I watched a video posted on fb about dairy and egg production which was the decider. I was literally horrified to see thousands of chicks being hoovered up into a grinding machine because they were male and therefore no good. Seriosly. And that aint the half of it.

Another reason was my health. For years I have suffered with digestive problems commonly diagnosed as IBS but I think thats just a lame excuse for we don't know when presenting my symptoms to various doctors... So I have tried wheat free, gluten free, dairy free fast diets etc and nothing really ever got to the roots of why i'd generally spent at least one afternoon a week in bed with severe stomach pains and nausea for the past 10 years. Boring huh! Since I have become vegan I have had two maybe three bouts of my old symptoms which has honestly changed my life.

Becoming vegan has definitely been a challenge! To start with I missed cheese a lot but then after a few weeks without it slowly became less of an issue and now i'm not bothered. Same with eggs! Constantly having to check the ingredients on packaging was boring for a while but now I have gotten know pretty much whats ok to have and try and cook most things from scratch where possible :) Living in Brighton we are pretty spoilt for vegan and veggie cafes, restaurants and stores that offer wide ranges of vegan friendly produce.  And it doesn't have to cost the earth! An exciting part of this lifestyle change has been all the new and amazing recipes I have been able to find, follow and invent. AND the really cool blogs and Instagram people I am finding along the way.

Another challenge was having to explain to people friends, family and peers who just don't get it why I have chosen vegan and that its really not that difficult. 'But what do you eat?' Everything all the time!

I'm really loving my new vegan lifestyle and all its quirky challenges, but i'm not promising its forever. Who knows what might happen in the future? For now its what I want and where I am at and that's great!
I'd love to hear about your vegan lifestyles... What are your reasons for choosing veganism? What do you think about all these bloggers who take 'sexy' selfies with smoothies? Do you have an amazing cake recipe I need to try immediately? Have you tried one of mine yet?

Here are some useful links...

I'd really like to know what you think afterall I am still pretty new to all this!
Amy x