Recipe - Breakfast Smoothie's Obsession

For those of you who occasionally take a peek at my Instagram you will know I am a recent convert and huge fan of a smoothie breakfast. This all came about a few months back when I completed Dr.Junger's Clean Detox and has continued to become my morning staple. I am finding posting occasional pics of my concoctions a good way to make note of their random recipes and also to share the vegan joy! I do not have the fancy kit or nutribullet etc but my handy stick blender which works a treat and costs a fraction of the price.

I always try and make my smoothies a 50/50 fruit to veg split as I am a little concerned about too much fruit acid hurting my teeth.. eep! But sometimes thats not always possible. The idea is that having a smoothie for breakfast allows your stomach to absorb precious nutrients without having to stress itself in breaking them down... You may however find you need a handful of almonds or a cereal bar by 11am!

Here are two of my current favourite recipes:

Chocolate dreamz (pic 4)
1/2 raw beetrrot peeled/grated
1/4 ripe avocardo
4 pitted medjool dates
100ml almond milk
2 tsp cacao
100ml H20

Whizz with stick blender and enjoy a chocolaty treat for brekkie!

*Sometimes I add a handful of spinach or chard if I have some in the garden for a little extra iron. I also use Flaxseed with added Vit D and bio-cultures as I am vegan and feel like it can't hurt!

Fruiti Tutti (pic 6)
1/8 fresh and seeded watermelon
1 cup frozen raspberrys
200ml coconut water
1/2 avo
3 medjool dates

I often freestyle recipes depending what has been reduced at my local fruit and veg store 'Tropical 4 U' yep that's its real name. So last week watermelon halves were only £1 and thus my mornings were a little more tropical than usual which was lovely!

p.s my recipes usually make two glass fulls which works out just perfect for me.

Top tip! If you can't stand the taste of spirulina but really want to jump on board with its magical health benefits I found that its taste is almost pleasant when whizzed alongside a smoothie that has frozen raspberry's in it! Who knew!

Do you own a Nutribullet or Vitamix? Jealls. Are they as good as all that? Let me know what you think x