Craft - DIY Dainty Peace Necklace

I don't own any fancy 'grown up' jewellery. I have some lovely handmade pieces and vintage bits and bobs but I rarely buy accessories and just make my own which tend to be bright and crafty and a little chunky! Having re found a little bundle of antique metal braiding and threads that I stashed away for safe keeping last year I decided to treat myself to something a little more dainty and ladylike if you like. I bought the tiny peace trinkets from Etsy earlier this year for a couple of pounds and the gold threads are hand me down vintage military braids originally used for highly decorative embroidery on uniforms (I believe). This DIY is very simple with not findings or plyers needed to achieve a lovely little keep sake to glitter and sparkle around your neck throughout the rest of the summer. AND unlike many of my multi coloured craft accessories this one goes with more in your wardrobe.

You'll need 1m gold military thread (the type that's yellow cotton wrapped tightly in gold metallic filament)
8 very small peace sign charms (or other)

Thread all your charms onto the lengths of golden thread ( I have used 7 + 1 for fastening)

Pinch the thread at the eye of your charm and the metal part will stay whilst you loop the little charm around in a loop and push through the center of the folded thread to knot.

Teeny tiny!

Now spacing your next charm approx 1 inch away from the first pinch, loop and knot again. 

Repeat this method keeping your spacing even.

To make your fastening pinch and tie a tiny loop that your charm can only just squeeze through on one end of your thread. And at the other attach an 8th charm and knot at the very end of the thread. Trim your ends down neatly

Before you secure your fastenings check the length of your necklace is how you like it and trim off any extra taking it down to your preferred size.

The antique quality of this kind of metallic thread gives a lovely sparkly vintage look, and as it wears you might start to see some of the bright yellow cotton from beneath the gold showing through. I think this just add to its loveliness.