Inspiration - Love For Autumn

Its clear we are moving into Autumn in the UK as the nights are drawing in and the leaves have begun to go crispy and golden. I love this time. Its a time for change in seasons and people and when I begin to think about what is next. New plans. Exciting plans! Its my favourite time of year for seasonal crafts, for collecting and harvesting things we've grown throughout the summer months. For learning a new skill or taking a class. A time for tying cut herbs into big bunches and hanging them in the kitchen. For collecting conkers and pine cones and pressing a rainbow of fallen leaves. Wearing woolly tights and mending holes in that favourite jumper and for getting rid of a summer's worth of clutter ready to cosy down for the long winter months. I think its a brilliant time to take stock and think about our personal achievements. I like to try and revisit old favourite films and books and have already added 4 new audio-books to my library so I can listen along whilst getting stuck in to some exciting project or random cooking experiment. Its also when my Mum and Dad come to visit me in Brighton for my Mum's Birthday which is always a brilliant time! Hopefully by the end of Autumn I will also be a proud yet weary published author which is perhaps by biggest achievement this past year. What A/W traditions do you guys have if any? I'd love to hear about them x