Craft - Retro Flower Press Antics

 (above - flowers found in press)
Hydrangea flowers and a leaf from the Japanese rock gardens.
Dog rose petals, broad bean flowers, a stem of violets and a butter cup.
Some kind of sycamore seed.

I have been looking out for a nice old flower press for a few years now on and off and have sufficed with an old sketch book to collect my floral finds in this summer. When Daniel saw this retro beaut at the boot fair a few weeks back I was pretty ecstatic! Didn't even try and bargain just treated myself to it... and at a whopping £2.50 it was a good chunk of my bootfair budget! It wasn't until I got it home and undid the wing nuts and lifted the many layers of faded and creased sugar paper that I discovered someone elses pressed flowers were still inside. I'd like to think these were from the 1970's when my Tweedy Flower Press was probably made, I'd like to think they were found in a secret walled garden or specimins for a Girl Guides pack. Either way I found the idea of their nostalgia really heart warming. As you can see in the following pictures the flowers I collected over this summer still have their colour and a couple even their scent. One of my autumnal craft projects is now going to be finding a nice way to use them all!... Watch this space x