All party'd out...

Well i never...this week has been totally party tastic. Lets start here...

Wednesday saw what i can only describe as a tea party on acid at the hotel Pelirocco, to celebrate my collaboration with the marvellous Natasha Bailie and her vintage dream machine of a website It was a hoot! a room filled with my nearest and dearest, cocktails a go go and frocks ahoy! we passed several parcels and stuffed ourselves silly on cake (made by my own fair hands of course) If i see another lemon drizzle i think i'll spontaneously combust! We were all wrapped up by the stroke of 12. and i must say it was a marvellous evening. Thankyou to all who attended.

Me and N.B in miss amy phipps frocks made from a pair of curtains and a bed spread. visit for more info.

Thursday. Last week i moved into a brilliant studio with new acquaintance, and fellow designer Catherine Bell. Its a totally fantastic space which she has worked super hard to make so so lovely. The 510 sq ft space was a crazy office before Catherine took it on, and now its a textiles designers dream! There are piles of gorgeous fabrics on every shelf,its simply dripping with vintage trims and glittering shreds of dresses from yesteryear, which inspire her work. To celebrate this brilliant new studio we had a little party... note to self...cava and cherry brandy = danger! Anyway, as we chit chattered the night away the thunder roared overhead and we watched from our 3rd floor balcony as lightening forks lit up the sky over Brighton. To new enterprises!

Friday. Last and by no means least a super party to celebrate 5 years of Last Shoe Boutique! There was definitely something in the air, I cannot remember the last time i laughed so much! seriously! Was it the freaky period character masks worn by all? The overwhelming heat upstairs at the Hope? Or the gayest dancing i have ever seen from a straight man, in the form of our dear samwise! The spiritof M.J was most definately egging him on. Throw in some freestyle dance moves and a chocolate cupcake or 3 and wam bam thankyou mam that was our delirious evening. Congratulations to Alex, who is a constant inspiration and brilliant friend.
go on!