back to front

Its been a while and i have so much to catch up on. Bare with me as i try and unravel the past few weeks, and pull out a few of my highlights...

...I'll start here.

New studio happenings.

I'm currently totally digging oversized 1920's-esque clothing. Here is a dress i have started to fashion for myself using original 1950's fabric, from the crazy lady at Remnants Plus in Hove (She is a whole other story!) although unfinished, i have high hopes for this little/not so little number.

You may have already seen this little fella in my last blog?...

Well here is his another member of the troop. This variation was created for ollie's birthday, and inspired by his love of Agatha Christie's poiret.

More to come...including a"twin" doll, and " Dancer" doll. Each slightly more deranged than the last!