nikki gnocchi nu!

Autumn is here and the nights are drawing in. My wooley socks have been unearthed and blankets piled at the end of the bed. Here is something to warm your bellies a little too...

2oog plain flour
500g waxy potatoes
1 egg yolk-optional
lots of seasoning! i like salt, pepper, chilli and garlic

my dear zoe suggested baking your spuds instead of boiling them so as the dough isn't too sticky. good plan!

so. mash or blend cooked spuds adding flour bit by bit (and egg) until you have a lovely stretchy smooth dough. Add seasoning. Hey presto!

roll out on a floured surface into a sausage roll shape and cut into thumb sized bits, shape as prefferred.

place in boiling water for 2mins or until these little fellas pop up to the surface, magic!

lovely with pesto and lemon or a rich tomato based sauce. Always with cheese in my opinion!