From Broadwater, with love.

Until recently i worked the whole weekend...all the live long day! Just imagine. No Saturday mooching or Sunday market and afternoon roasts. Times are a changing as they often say, and on this first Saturday of  hopefully many to come i trotted to the train station with my best friend O.H and hopped on a train to take in the wonders of Worthing! Broadwater to be precise. Needless to say we missed the train and had to take a detour. But look who whisked us away when we eventually alighted.... O.H's Grandparents Fred and Dorean! We dined at their local on Gastro delights, mulled over recent family gossip and shared knitting stories, for at least 90 minutes.

Carb coma over, we hit the streets with a detailed plan of where to find all the best chazzas this side of Worthing Station. Help The Aged, Sue Ryder, Guild Care, St Barnabas, Heart Foundation, and this little gem Mr Zooks! I should probably have kept this one to myself.

 I spent a grand total of £12 but behold the treasures i found!

Thanks to Fred and Dorean for a super lovely day, and filling me with tea and cake.