swap fast, fix up, look sharp

Its that time of year when all our clothes seem dull, worn out, boring. You can't stand a single thing you own! its to early to pull out your favourite summer frock, but those tights are wearing thin... 

I got together with a few fancy creative female pals to test run a 'swap and fix' night at my studio. Picnic dinner, Check! Piles of over worn outfits, Check! A few dresses that are too long and have never been worn but the print is lovely, Check! (some unflattering photos, Check!)

We swapped a few, chopped a few, kick dropped a few. 

This red number was a stunning print but looked hideous on everyone and was deemed unwearable!

A highly successful evening overall... swapping saves money and the environment! And refreshing that Lovely long Laura Ashley skirt can be as easy as chopping a few inches off the hem. We'll be tweeking the idea a bit in the next few days and hope to be working on a spectacular She's called Claire event very soon! Until then keep up to date with Miss McCullough and the musically marvelous Donna Fullman,  And remember to......

make, do and mend.


(more pics to follow soon)