Hair-pin-crochet T-shirt with circles and beading!

You will need:

Metal knitting stitch holder
Crochet hook
Jersey T-shirt
Several different colour yarns

List of abbreviations:

Sts- stitch
Ch- chain stitch
Sc- single crochet
Sk- slip knot

To start, hold the stitch holder pin with the open end downwards and the 'u' bend at the top. This allows for the crochet loops to slide off when the space gets filled up. For the small crochet circles you must bend the pin to 2.5cm, and the large 4cm

NB *you will need to make 7 large circles and 4 small. Plus any extras you wish to add to the design.

1) Make a long slip knot, keep length attached to the ball of yarn a whilst you work the crochet.

2) Put this over the left prong of your pin keeping the knot central. Adjust the size of the knot, keeping it central at all times (as in photo #)

3) Wrap the yarn from the front left position to the back of the pin round the right hand prong. (Anti-clockwise) The yarn is now at the back of the fork and hold the yarn in your left hand. Right hand holds crochet hook.

4) With first slip knot still on crochet hook, put hook up through the centre of the loop on the left of the pin, catch the yarn and draw it back through the loop making a chain stitch. Keep central and pull tight.

5) Take your hook out of the stitch, take to the back of the pin and put back into loop (from back to front)  Now turn the pin from right to left  (clockwise) and the yarn will loop around the fork, you are now ready to make the next sts.

6) Insert the hook between upwards between the two loops on the left pin, catch yarn and pull it through keeping the yarn on the hook (2 loops on hook) now wrap the yarn with left hand around the hook again (3 loops on hook). Pull the last/3rd loop through the first 2 stitches making a single crochet.

7) Continue turning the work clockwise, making a chain stitch followed by a single crochet at the centre of your stitch holder pin.

8) To finish the length, simply cut the yarn and pull this cut end through the chain stitch as you would with normal crochet and pull tight. For small circle do approx 60 turns and large circle approx 80. You need only count sts on one side of your pin.

9) To form the circle catch all loops on one side of length onto your crochet hook. Make a slip knot at the end of a short length of yarn (same colour as the crochet preferably) hook into this loop and draw it through these loose crochet stitches.

10) Taking both ends of this new yarn, draw together loops with a tight knot, and secure with another.

11) Thread long ends of crochet through a needle and sew into opposite end of crochet stitch to secure further and neaten.

12) Lay all circles out on t-shirt in desired colour order and secure by stitching all outer loops, one at a time, in a blanket stitch method. Repeat with all circles.

13) With a beading needle, sew beads in place, with a simple over-under motion in a curve around attached crochet detail where desired (we beaded every other circle).

14) Using a mixture of cross stitch and 15) Running stitches, embroider in simple lines under the beading and around the circles. Mix the colours as you wish...

Here's my finished T-shirt. I have cut away areas of jersey behind the larger circles, taking great care not to snip the crochet!

Go forth, and crochet.