Craft - DIY Screen Printed Banner

Get crafty at the weekend with this DIY Screen Printed Banner project.

You will need:
A cotton tote bag
Phrase or saying ie make do mend
Brown paper sheet roughly A3
Silk screen
Small squeegee
3 colours of screen printing ink
Tracing paper
Paint brush or spoon
Craft knife
40cm length of wooden dowelling
Ribbon or string to hang

Either trace your stencil onto tracing paper and then stick that onto the brown paper OR draw directly onto brown paper.
Using your scalpel start by cutting out any circles or centre parts to letters such as A or O's and keep them to one side to pop back in later. Then cut out the rest of your lettering/motif and discard!
Remove the handles of your cotton totes bag and cut down both sides and along the bottom. You will be left with an A4 ish sized panel that is already hemmed at the top!
 Lay the stencil on top of the fabric and replace any circles.
Place silk screen over the stencil and choose your colours ready to print!
Spoon or paint your inks on to the screen randomly but always above/below the lettering. We are going for a marbled effect so want the inks to merge when we pull the screen.
Get a friend to hold either side of the screen firmly whilst you pull the squeegee over the screen from top to bottom  in a firm but smooth singular motion... Lift the screen off and ta da! Leave to dry or alternatively blast with hair dryer.
 Poke your dowelling throgh the seam at the top.
 Tie ribbon or string onto the sides to hang.
 Lastly use the scissors to cut a triangular birds tail shaped out of the bottom edge.
Hang in your favourite spot and enjoy!