Recipe - Quick Flax Seed Pancakes (vegan)

I really love a hearty weekend breakfast but often have too many things to do to take too much time over planning one.. This recipe for quick flax seed pancakes is vegan and full of flax and soya milk protein and can be whipped up in five minutes flat. You can accompany them with any topping!

You will need: (makes 6 small pankes)
250g self raising flour
150g ground flax seed
unsweetened soya milk (I used Alpro Simply Mild)
100ml filtered water
Coconut oil to grease pan
Non stick pan

I served mine with rice syrup, lemon juice and a pinch of Maldon sea salt!

Place your flour and flax in a medium mixing bowl and stir in the water. Now slowly beat in enough soya milk to give your batter a thick pouring consistency. Beat well and rest whilst you heat a pan and melt 1tsp coconut oil. I used 2 desert spoons of batter per pancake and fried on a medium/high heat turning when the surface began to bubble.
 Flip a few times to achieve your desired golden finish and serve!
Have a lovely active weekend!