Inspire - Frankie Magazine Is My Favourite Read

Frankie Magazine is my favourite read. I have been leafing through its gorgeously inspirational and dare i say it quirky leaves for almost 3 years (when I am lucky enough to come across a new edition in a well known stationers in Brighton). This magazine offers a healthy mix of fashion, artisan craft, feminism, music and miscellany unlike most others currently in print. I love the texture of its paper and the slightly grainy finish to its images AND the fact that Frankie isn't touting itself as an uber cool scenstery print run but a pretty cool yet down to earth Aussie magazine flying the flag for all things creative and visually inspiring.
Did I mention that each edition also includes a pull out calender featuring an artwork from up and coming artists and illustrators? Did I also mention that Frankie have a jam packed website to keep your Frankie fix in check between each new release... I only wish they released it in the UK at the same time as over the pond. Maybe its time I got myself a subscription!