Bits and Bobs - Blog Hop!

Last week I was asked by the brilliant Lucy Davidson of Peas and Needles fame to take part in my first 'blog hop' alongside my besty and business partner She's Called Claire . The idea is to help bloggers and followers alike find new blogs to read and create links between crafters, bloggers and creatives etc. Its a wicked idea!

1// What have been the doings/makings/scribblings at your desk/making table in the last week?Last week was a mixture of secret project work sat up in our lovely kitchen at S+S HQ, thinking it was Thursday for 2 days and feeling very confused about my to do list and also some time spent creating new recipes for my personal blog (which I ate shortly after). There was a lot of crochet and equal amounts of chocolate which is pretty good in my book!

I have also started to make a couple of cotton summer dresses from a lovely dress pattern book a bought for my birthday and have been draughting those to fit my measurements which has been fun so far but a little fiddly! I have pledged to wear only second hand, hand me downs or made from scratch/upcycled clothing over the summer as a way of saving money and adding an insane amount of joy and lots of learning to my wardrobe.

2// Where are you currently finding your inspiration? (influences, heroes/who, sources of inspiration, paths exploring) I am trying to make the most of the sunshine at the moment so am finding lots of inspiration outdoors. Be that sitting in my garden crafting, sowing seeds or just taking nice walks in the near by park soaking up the amazing scents of flowers and bright sunny colours. I am also listening to a lot of Cate Le Bon and the new First Aid Kit album which = singing out loud which for me is always a sign that I am in a good place and am happy and relaxed in my work and life.

3// How important is being creative to you & how do you blend this with your work/life/family balance?Being creative isn't something I chose to be I think its just the way I was brought up. To me it doesn't just mean starting a new craft project but is inherent in the way I look after my garden or invent a thrifty dinner at home. I spent my early years at a Waldorf Steiner School where children are taught to learn and grow at a slower pace of life through 'creative processes' so I learnt to read, write and do math whilst also learning to sing, paint and work on a farm... Yep i'm a true Steiner girl at heart and very thankful for it .
I am no good at doing nothing which can often be to my detriment. Thankfully although I am a freelance creative and small business owner I am also very good at planning and love a good weekly schedule with plenty of colour coded lists and post it notes.

So the next thing I have to do is ask the same questions to 3 of my favourite bloggers....

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