Recipe - Vegan Fig And Almond Tart

There are lots of juicy figs around at the moment so why not grab a couple and make this simple delicious vegan frangipan style tart. Its not too sweet but fruity and creamy! This one didn't last very long... eaten whilst still warm is best.

For the pastry:
100g Pure sunflower spread (or other similar dairy free spread)
250g plain white flour
2 tbsp cold water

50g Pure
50g golden caster suger
125g ground almonds
a few drops vanilla extract

2/3 ripe figs

pre heat your oven at 175oC

Rub the spread into the flour until crumb like, add water and mix well. Wrap in cling film and refrigerate for 15 minutes. Next roll the pastry out thinly and line a tray with parchment, cut your pastry to fit and place it int the tray. Blind bake for 5-10 minutes

Cut your figs into rough slices and set aside... try not to eat them!mmm

To make the almond filling mix ground almond with butter and then stir in sugar and vanilla. Once the tart case is bling bakes use the back of your spoon to spread it roughly onto your lovely slightly golden pastry. Layer the fig slices on top and pop into your oven for 15-20 minutes or until golden on top with juicy figs!