Craft - Craft Book Preview

Just when we were getting to the point that we thought our first two editions of the 'Super Super Series' of craft books would never appear... a copy of each - real finished, ready for the shops copies - were delivered to us at S+S HQ. The feeling was better than I could have even imagined! THEY'RE REAL! They are bright and professional and each have a lovely brown craft paper dust jacket that hide some amazing design work, photography and illustration that has been over a year in the making. Without giving too much away (because they are way better in real life) here is a sneak peak of 'Embroidery' and 'Printmaking' the first two books in the Super Super series published by GMC and soon to be sold all over (including here on our website)! I'd like to say a special thanks to the amazingly talented illustrator Anna-Kaisa Jormanain who has worked with us not only on all the illustrations for the books but from the very start of Super+Super HQ helping us realise our brand. x