Inspire - My Studio Super+Super HQ Brighton

I have mentioned my studio in Brighton, UK a few times before but today I wanted to give you a tour of my favourite bits of Supper+Super HQ. A three storied studio building founded and run by my business partner (and best friend) Claire and I. S+S currently houses 15 freelance creative businesses. Over the past three years we have hosted hundreds of workshops and parties, drunk thousands of cups of tea, done our fair share of DIY maintenance and met many fantastic (and sometimes challenging) people. Did I mention the cake?

(photos by Claire + Jackie)

Super+Super HQ Is a culmination of the things we love and a totally DIY start up. With the help of some dear friends and family members we turned a derelict retail shop that was full of junk and bad paint colour choices into a retro-scandi chic studio space infused with our enthusiasm, hard work and thrift store upcycled furniture finds! 

Super+Super has been a home for many different start-ups and creative businesses over the past few years. We have hosted workshops with the likes of Tatty Divine and live music events by some amazing artists including Donna Fullman and Pearl & The Beard.

Our studio space is DIY, flexible and ever changing. In the past year it has been the platform for our first 4 published craft books 'The Super+Super Series' with GMC! Other creative spaces such as WeWork who run some amazing spaces around the world hold core values that are very similar to ours at S+S  'Do what you love' and value the importance of people and their unique differences.

What I love the most about S+S is its natural daylight and bright rooms all with original features (including high ceilings, wooden floors and fire places) and that it feels like home. Its a working space and its not like many that are often too corporate or 'cool' for people to be themselves. The one item I love the most is our blue floral upcycled Ercol sofa! Claire and I celebrated the signing of our lease on the studio with a bottle of Merlot and a night in re upholstering a rather dingy (then) brown Ercol two seater sofa. Now its a chic and comfy haven for tea breaks and phone calls... and the occasional afternoon nap!

My dream studio would have a huge urban garden out back for tea breaks and community vegetable growing! Everyone would have their own mini plot to grow what they liked and to help them remain constantly relaxed and inspired! I'm talking raised bed and vertical planting, you name it we'd grow it. Sadly our corner of the Laines is too crowded... but who knows what the future may hold!