Recipe: Savoury Kale Chips

Recipe: Savoury Kale Chips. I have been meaning to have a go at baking kale chips for ages as I have several foodie friends who rave about how good they are! As a lover of all things savoury and snacking (and as I am aware that being vegan I should keep an eye on my iron intake) I have finally gotten around to trying my own variation of the health food lovers snack a la mode! And do you know what...? They were way easier and even tastier than I had expected!

You will need: 
A bag of shredded kale or baby kale such as the new selection at Florette salad
olive oil
Marigold bouillon (I used the vegan, lower salt variety)
Black pepper
A baking tray and some parchment

Method: Start by removing any woody stems from your kale leaves and cut off any large leaves. Wash and pat dry! Its crucial that there is no excess moisture on our leaves. 

Dress with a drizzle of olive oil (Approx 1 desert spoon) and 1 tsp bouillon powder. I used half a bag of kale.

Mix with your hands for a couple of minutes until all leaves are evenly coated and then grind over some peper

Spread leaves out onto your parchment covered tray so that none are touching

Bake for 4-5 minutes checking on their progress several times...

Remove from the oven when edges begin to brown and leaves shrink a little!

Enjoy as an alternative to crisps with a really good film or as an accompaniment to a mezze! For more kale recipes take a look here!