Bits & Bobs: Natural Balance Foods

After spotting my blog a little while back Natural Balance Foods have been kind enough to send me some of these delicious naked snack raw bars! These are literally my favourite health food snacks so obviously I jumped at the chance. As a plant based vegan (and a greedy one at that) I can get through a box of snack bars quite quickly which is great as they are on the list Iron rich foods so help keep my levels balanced whilst I am rushing around running my business or teaching craft workshops out of town. We can't always be super organised an make sure there is a pack lunch ready... that's when these come in handy... and they come in fantastic flavours! 

My favourite flavour continues to be Cashew Cookie, in close second place is Cafe Mocha and last but not least Bakewell Tart which is a new edition AND very tasty! If you love the idea of raw snack bars but also love baking why not try making something similar at home with this simple recipe! Mmmm