Tutorial: Funfetti Crockery

Tutorial: Funfetti crockery. Our Pinterest account has seen it’s fair share of ‘funfetti’ pinning over the last few months. From funfetti pinatas to cake decorations, there’s something so fun about this confetti trend! We decided we wanted to jump aboard the funfetti bandwagon and immediately started looking around for things to funfetti bomb! We found inspiration in an old camping plate and lots of leftover card… We are ready for summer picnic time!

You will need:
Cutting Mat
Japanese Screw Punch (or a regular hole punch)
Scrap card
An old plate
PVA glue
1. Start by taking one colour of card and snipping off small random size pieces a’la confetti stylee.

2. Repeat this process with all the colours of card you have. Making sure all the pieces are random!
3. Next take your screw punch (or hole punch) and pick a couple of colours to do some circular cuts with. Make sure you are pressing onto your cutting mat if you are using a screw punch.

4. Move all your cuttings to once side and using your paintbrush give the plate a think coating of PVA glue.
5. Once coated simple sprinkle all of your confetti pieces onto the plate, making sure you cover the whole thing. Once you’ve done that you are ready to do another coat of PVA.
6. This next coat can be a bit tricky as some of the pieces will move, but just be as patient as possible and reaarange any pieces that move too much. Once coated, leave to dry. This can take a few hours.