Inspiration - April Art and Craft Swap!

Inspiration = April Art and Craft swap!

A few years back I took part in an art swap and was thrilled when i received a small and meticulously packaged parcel from a friend of a friend who's work I admired but that I had never met! It was a great way to mix up my very small collection of art and introduced me to a whole other world of illustration.

The joy of taking part in an art swap is that Its like a competition only better because everyone who participates gets a bunch of exciting gifts and the chance to meet new creative pals!

Would you like to be involved? Yes! What you need to do is email your name and website/blog and address to me at titled Art Swap April! You can also like my facebook page here!

Please note the idea is to share some joy. I'll pair you up with a stranger, and you'll make a package of surprises for each other. Each package or box should be an inspirational collection of gifts and ideas a favourite drawing or selection of bits and bobs made by your own fair hands. Remember small = special. Keep the materials costs low... its the time and thought that counts! Why not include a letter, an aspirational mantra or a mixtape!

On April 1st (2 weeks time) I will randomly select one person for each other person to send their package to... and will aim to match people who don't already know each other. I will then email that person with your address (and that person only) and vice versa and you are then free to send out your stash of handmade goodness.

perhaps try and have your parcel ready to go by April 1st so that no one is left wondering if their swap got lost in the post, or just let your swapper know if you are a little behind :)

TOP TIP! Keep it lightweight to keep postage costs to a minimum.

Tell all your friends as the more people who get involved the better!