Grow - What's Growing In My Garden (pt.1)

This post is a peek at what I am currently growing in my very small garden this year... so far! For me the idea of being self sufficient, off the grid and living some kind of 'Good Life' is most definitely what I aspire to. Growing up with a brilliant family of gardener's, carpenters, thrifter's and hoarders has set me in good stead in terms of passing down some valuable practical skills. I also went to a Steiner Waldorf school during my formative younger years which I am very grateful for and has definitely shaped me into the person I am today.

So, I love growing things. Plants, flowers but mainly vegetables because my other love as you may have gleaned from this blog is cooking and inventing recipes. For Christmas my beau gave be two fantastic books from the wonderful What You Sow shop. This was fuel to my urban gardening fire! 1, The Edible balcony by Alex Mitchell and 2, The Thrifty Gardener by Alys Fowler.

Since march I have been collecting takeaway boxes and pots from my veg box and starting seeds in my very small greenhouse and on whatever window sill that had a spare inch! My plan was to post photos at every stage of my seedlings but who has time for that. You can however follow my Instagram to catch up on regular posts about what I have been growing.

My list of what is growing so far includes; Potatoes, broad beans, spinach, mixed salad, round head lettuce, coriander, basil, tomatoes, garlic, leek, spring onions, squash and bell peppers (seeds I kept from Riverford veg box) strawberries, beetroot and chard. A few bought as establish seedlings but most from seed. The idea was to grow things to supplement our weekly veg box but I just get carried away! For me being in our little garden is the best kind of meditation there is. In fact after a bad day last week I came home and built the small raised bed pictured below. Joy!

I'd love to hear about your urban gardening experiences, tips and hints. Do get in touch x