Craft - Marbled Notebook DIY

This DIY combines two of my favourite crafts... book binding and marbling in a handy notebook perfect for keeping shopping lists and big dreams alike!

You will need:
Marbling inks
A big tupperware or other water tight container
Paper for book pages
Thicker paper/card for your cover
Book binding needle
Embroidery floss
Bulldog clip

Drip ink a dot at a time into water and watch how it spreads and disperses.

Swirl with match stick to create patterns.
Place your cover right side down into your inks. Try and lift it out quickly so the water doesn't soak into the paper too much.
Hang out in the sunshine to dry!

Make 3 holes through your book pages and cover.

Knot your floss and starting at the central hole sew out and back through the left hand hole. Now sew back out through the central hole.
Lastly sew back in through the right hand hole and tie at the central knotted point where the binding began.

Using a bulldog clip and some scrap paper clip the edges to flatten them into shape.

Trim down any excess paper and these lovely boks are ready to be used or given as a perfect gift.