Grow - June Urban Garden Update and Teapot Mint

Its June and the garden is finally starting to fill out a little so I thought i'd give you a photo update. If you didn't know already spending  time in our tiny garden is one of my most favorite and relaxing things to do. Even catching a few minutes in the morning before Daniel is awake whilst I sip the first tea of the morning somehow makes me feel positive about the day ahead! Our rainbow chard though attacked by snails a little has gone wild, the squash grown from Riverford veg box seeds is safely tucked away in the new box bed we finally finished and flowers are blossoming on everything! I have tried a bit of 'companion' growing and have mixed wild flowers in between my tomato and leek plants as well as spinach in with the garlic and beans. Now i'm just willing the sun to shine and the bees to come say hi!
Happy Garden times x